World trade is big. Business will continue to reduce expenses with more output expectations from employees. Online business will increase, deliveries made quicker by drones, home-based business will flourish, and global virtual reality business growing faster. Oil prices lowering till August then on the rise. Social media will grow and explode escalating the global advertising power freeing large numbers of millennial’s to rove the planet like gypsies documenting their travels and receiving incomes from marketing products, travel destinations, hotels, and restaurants. Upheaval, revolution and instability will change the way everyone does business but in the long run, these changes will bring about a level playing field, new ways of creating prosperity and taking care of our earth.


Mother Earth is shaking it up more than ever all over the globe starting March 6th and this will become the norm for 7 years with more volcanoes blowing in the ring of fire, more fires in warmer countries, tectonic plates moving, glaciers melting submersing islands, larger hurricanes, violent storms, and holes forming in unusual places. Plastics and paper from trees will become a thing of the past with bags made of rice and hemp providing alternative solutions. Pollution solutions for air, water and land are big this year and being implemented to prevent the destruction of earth by conscious children. It is an uphill battle but worthwhile for the generations to come.


New educational methods for Indigo, Crystal and Millennial children based on digital tech will help them work in the future AI dominate world. Autism centers are increasing to support parents with their development.


Mom & Pop based business such as farm to table, farmer’s markets, food trucks will increase providing a healthy alternative to corporate food supply.  Extreme damage to our health/earth from GMO farms will support a huge expansion of Organic, Heirloom and Non-GMO gardens & food supplies. Weather changes create challenges with food supplies and food production, but more empty buildings will offer a safe haven for indoor/temp controlled growing and manufacturing.


Incurable illnesses are on the rise from multiple sources such as increased environmental toxins, chemicals, bacteria, parasites and molds encouraging people to seek alternative solutions. Infertility increases from mutation of humans and animals. Smart meters and cell towers going 5-D are causing a high-pitched vibration which causes more sleeplessness, stress, nerve damage and mental instability. Bones, teeth, eyes and nerves are the focus so keep them strong with minerals. The ‘Tri-Corder’ facsimile inspired by Star Trek, ‘DxtER’ will be available for purchase to monitor our own health. Depression will increase bringing out suppressed passions supporting people in living their dreams. ‘Chem Flu’ is now a recognized illness by doctors all over the world with COPD and heavy metal toxicity on the rise with natural solutions/cures available. Alternative Cancer cures are filling the marketplace giving much-needed solutions to victims of the limited solutions from the health industry. 3-D printing from stem cells and tissue samples are now creating organ, gland and body replacements identical to the real thing. I will be very happy to see this being done by dentist to fill cavities, make crowns or create implants.


Banking systems continue to collapse while alternative currency’s offer hundreds of ways to purchase global products. Each country will strive to have its own currency to use in global trading. Crypto will enter into all the systems moving money faster than before. Strong stock market with a few bumps for most of the year.

Real Estate

Real Estate prices decline in July, more people buying & building first homes to escape higher rental prices. New designs embrace advancements in technology using new materials that are stable and temperature controlled.


More people leaving the old beliefs and opening their intuitive gifts. The spiritual dimensions are actively affecting the physical body making yoga techniques, meditation and alternative metaphysical studies popular.


AI on the increase filling businesses, homes, restaurants, vehicles, etc… with voice and digital activated technology. Space travel going global, becoming normal and offering trips to outer space from companies such as Space X, S7 Space, Virgin Galactic, Space Dev, Blue Origin and Bigelow leading the way. Renewable and alternative energy is crawling out of private locations and slowly replacing oil, gas, and electric expanding into mainstream. Even though free energy is here, I don’t see free energy being released to the public in 2019. Humans are able to communicate in many languages now and human/animal communication will continue to grow using intuition based technology.


More people of all ages traveling all over the world especially for education. Numerous forms of air travel vehicles will receive permits to be used by inventors to share the airspace. Even though we have many forms of alternative cars with air, hydrogen and water engines, they are still being suppressed and I do not see them available this coming year. Immigration laws change for the better opening the doors to global travel.

I believe this has given everyone an idea of what 2019 holds for humanity in the year ahead but if you need to know what your future looks like regarding health, career, relationships, past/future life, your Soul’s Destiny or how to transform your life, give me a call or email to book your personal session.

A Happy, Healthy New Year!

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