Last night, I sat on the back porch enjoying this lovely full moon and felt the moonbeams energy pouring down while lighting up the night sky. It is magical how the moon can influence us in our lives. 

On Tuesday, July 16th, the Capricorn full moon is blessing us with strength, courage, and perseverance to do what needs to be done.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this moon is called the Buck Moon because the new antlers emerge from a bucks foreheads around this time of year.

A Lunar Eclipse occurring at the same time brings a phasing out the old and liberation. This shadow that passes over the moon is especially important to all that have a Capricorn Moon, Rising or Sun in their natal charts.
I am fascinated by the Natal Moon signs and their placement in everyone’s Birth Charts as it tells what the individual needs. So, let’s look at all the Moon Signs to get a better understanding of how they help us get what we need.
The Capricorn Moon
This moon may be drawn to have strong leadership abilities such as being the president of their own company, commanders, governors, law enforcement officials, work in public service, good at politics, enjoy royalty or need to have their own business. Some gravitate towards medicine be it a hospital administrator or osteopathic doctor. This moon loves real estate construction, land development, and engineering. They constantly seek recognition with their achievements. Being the goat there is no mountain they cannot climb in regard to goal setting, team management, and fulfilling long range plans.
The Aquarian Moon

Most individuals with this moon enjoy improving conditions for humanity such as philanthropy, support groups, think-tanks, because they are good at analyzing personal or social problems in a diplomatic way. Since the Aquarian Moon is an air sign, it loves to support the winds of change be it championing the underdog, promoting safety in cyber security, calling out fraud or supporting advancements with data & technology. Most important, they are ‘free birds’ that need to fly, escape, and have no restrictions. This allows them to be the diverse and creative people they truly are to set humanity free.
The Pisces Moon
This moon enjoys holistic healing, psychic development, channeling, meditation and yoga. Some enjoy total devotion to religion becoming yogis, monks, priests/nuns, shamans and gurus. Those that have this moon focus on careers that are behind closed doors and very private such as hospitals, prisons, asylums, rehab centers and welfare organizations. They also can support others when they have reached their breaking point in calming down and return to sanity.
On the other end of the spectrum, some dedicate their lives to drugs, alcohol, music, entertainment, and anything that helps them escape from reality.
The Aries Moon
This moon is very impulsive, loves recognition, have powerful egos, very impatient, and quick to get anything done. This action-oriented moon is first at everything because everyone else is moving in slow motion. This moon enjoys military careers, private detective work, law enforcement, mechanical engineering, and project managers. Their enthusiasm for taking an idea to manifestation is admirable. They need to keep physically active to work off and release the excess energy inside their bodies.
The Taurus Moon
Stable, strong, determined, practical, reliable, orderly, while constantly moving up the ladder of success. This moon loves designing on a budget, financial management, investments, real estate, creating music, food preparation, dessert decoration, arranging flowers, and beauty careers. Since I have a Taurus Moon, I can say this moon is incredibly bullish and stubborn but age has a way of getting me to move my hooves into greener pastures.
The Gemini Moon
This moon needs to talk about two things at the same time to release stress and get the point across. This communication gift is great for diplomatic negotiations, speaking engagements, writing careers, editors, teachers, and problem solvers. They make great advertisers, marketers, research developers, magicians, mimes, franchise owners, speech pathologist, car sales, and news casters. There is nothing that their quick-thinking minds cannot achieve with all the brilliant ideas flashing past their mind’s eyes.

The Cancer Moon,
This moon needs to take care of everything and everyone to feel fulfilled. Their ability to maintain quality control, develop loyalty, meet deadlines, organize groups while being an emotional shoulder to cry on is astounding. They thrive on being self-driven, food managers, nutrition & diet experts, emotional counselors, mentors, talent scouts, life coaches, and childcare specialist. It is critical they get lots of sleep so that the demands of life don’t create stress and weaken their adrenals.
The Leo Moon
This moon loves attention, recognition, adoration, and devotion from everyone. This is a very social moon that loves gambling, parties, conversation, opera, and lively debates. They make great leaders, bosses, managers, teachers, directors, park rangers, salespeople, athletes, comedians, entrepreneurs, astrologers and super stars. This Leo moon needs to have lounge time to rest their hears and regenerate their bodies. When I was on safari in Africa, my favorite memory was watching the lions laying in the tall grass only getting up when it was time to eat. 
The Virgo Moon

Analyze, organize, examine, investigate, scrutinize, probe, evaluate, and perfection are words that describe the Virgo Moon. They live to work to meet goals and deadlines. Their sought-after analytical skills are best used in accounting, computer management, math and writing. They are very good at fixing things so service careers such as fitness, holistic health especially with animals, elder care, environmental projects, nutrition counseling, clothing design, and retail sales is where they enjoy staying busy. Being at the center of projects with coworkers and project collaborators is very fulfilling especially with deciphering manual, procedures, and implementing policies. But if the stress gets to high, it might shut down their digestive system so it is wise for them to take a break, relax to calm their digestive system.

The Libra Moon
This moon is great in restoring harmony with contract negotiations, resolving personnel problems, keeping competition alive, collaborating with groups, researching legal documents, resolving arbitrating, and mediation. They are well known for their gift of diplomacy, encouraging teamwork, organizing group activities and making money in fund raisers. For a career the Libra moon is the artist, beauty consultant, psychologist, motivator, life coach and sales representative. Later in life, this moon will need its Zen Den to find silence and create a strong sense of peace and harmony in their lives.
The Scorpio Moon
Dr. Ruth is a great example of the Scorpio moon’s influence with her ability to get to the core of the problems, stay focused on the delicate subject of sex and explain in detail what all the solutions are to relationship problems. Even though this moon keeps its personal life private, it loves to delve deeply into the secrets and soap operas of other people’s lives. For a career, this moon flourishes with debt collection, sex therapy, waste management, coroners, funeral directors, dentists, lab technicians, proctologist, surgeons, legal specialist, and addiction behavioral management.
The Sagittarius Moon
This moon needs to travel the world choosing education, medicine, law, philosophy, politics, religion, culture, diplomacy and language to fulfill their love for knowledge. They have brilliant minds that enjoy changing the world with careers in advertising, broadcasting, editing, educators, international trade, meta-physicians. One little known fact is they make excellent horse whisperers. This moon might be known as the perpetual student, world traveler, storyteller and adventurer.

I have spent decades researching astrology, numerology and metaphysical knowledge and would be happy to help you understand the influences of the Natal Moon in your birth chart in your next session.
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Enjoy this lovely Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn to liberate yourself from what no longer serves you.
In support of your perfect health, inner beauty, happiness and prosperity,
Reverend Wanda
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery
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