Natural Antibiotic Wellness Formula For PetsA few months ago, I noticed and a newborn kitty on my mom’s ranch had an infected eye. She was the runt or weakest of the litter, slept all day and did not play with her five brothers. Her breathing was labored and often, she would wake up to nurse but did not have the strength to latch on. It appeared that the bacteria Chlamydophila, the cause of conjunctivitis was getting worse each day, so I washed her eyes out with a diluted form of Colloidal Silver’ ( Within minutes, she began to preen herself and by the time I left she was nursing and playing.
A few weeks later, both eyes had swelled up with that same bacteria and her immune system was weak from a virus, so I washed out her eyes with the Colloidal Silver and mixed a powerful anti-viral gravy which I gave her as a liquid by mouth.
First, I opened a package of rice gravy, mixed in some vitamins, herbs, probiotics, soil micro-organisms and Vitamin C. Then I mixed in a little warm bone broth and gave her a small teaspoon every couple of hours until she jumped out of bed and nursed.

I would love to share this recipe with you:
1 packet Rhoad’s End ‘Rice Gravy Mix’ (  
1 capsule Source Naturals ‘Wellness Formula’ (
1 capsules of the Nutribiotic ‘Grapefruit Seed Extract with Artimesia Annu (
1 capsule Garden of Life ‘Primal Defense Ultra (
1 capsule Hanna Kroeger ‘Wormwood Combination’ (
1 capsule Doctor’s Best Non-Gmo ‘Vitamin C’ (
Open all the capsules and mix together with 1 packet of the dry gravy mix.
Store in a glass jar in the refrigerator and use when needed.
With your Veterinarian’s supervision, add 1 tsp of the dry mix to the animal’s wet/dry food or mix with 1 cup of bone broth to help your precious pet feel better. (Stop immediately if you notice any negative reaction. Some pets are on medications and a few of these ingredients don’t mix with them.)

Happily, this little feline fatal is now hanging from the curtains, climbing trees and jumping right on top of her brothers showing them who is boss with her sharp claws. After all, she is a tiger-tabby kitty.
Blessings of Health & Healing,
Reverend Wanda
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery