The ‘Beaver Full Moon’ in Taurus is great for a hands-on approach to completing projects with the focus on money, clearing blockages around money, as its energy brings abundance and expansion so we can receive the benefit of all our hard work. The luminous energy of this full moon is great for helping us actualize our long-term goals imagination, focus and stubborn determination to fulfill them. In fact, we may notice that we can feel this full moon more than the others because Taurus is an earth sign. Most importantly, relax and take time to enjoy the energy of this full moon with sweet experiences of self-nurturing such as mud baths and massage

I have been enjoying this full moon and I felt it would be fun to share its influences on all the astrological signs:

You will benefit by correcting your personal finances while taking a constructive approach to all money matters weighing on your mind. This full moon will give you the energy and focus you need to move forward with all your goals. Believe in yourself and all your dreams. May the force of the Ram be strong in you!

You are blessed with the full moon beaming on you this month and it is a time to be self-motivated, empowered, while allowing change to happen which will transform your life. Your determination will get you through all of life’s challenges and be an inspiration to others. Growth is important, so embrace change to bring more prosperity and fulfillment of your dreams into your life.

Get your hands in the dirt to ground you and help you move through this full moon’s earthy energy. Your mind is used to going in many directions at the same time but taking time out to relax and rejuvenate is best for your mental and physical health right now. Imagine lifting those caged hamsters out of your head and set them in a corner to run inside their wheels while your mind and body take a break to give you peace right now.

This is a great time to spend time with friends planning for the coming festivities or just chatting about life, love, family, and relationships. This moon may make you feel very emotional or sad if you stay inside your shell or home so get out and socialize. Surround yourself with loving, nurturing, sweet experiences and friends to get those warm, happy hormones flowing inside your body.

In jungles of Africa, the lions lay around all day and they only get up when they are hungry or food walks by. Work is a four-letter word for you, and it is wise to not work at this time as it might cause an undue amount of stress. You are not a human doing, you are a human being so just be. Focus on yourself and maintaining balance, harmony, happiness, and joy in your daily life. If you must work, pace yourself and rest often as this moon will help you to be the powerful, wild lion you are laying in the grass preening yourself while enjoying nature.

Taurus is your fellow earth sign and its moonbeams will give you a relaxed yet stable feeling deep within your body. Take advantage of this energy by imagining you are a tree with a large taproot connecting you deep within the center of the earth. Breath the powerful life force of your Mother Earth up this taproot into your body to give you strength, courage, and peace to move forward in your life doing what needs to be done.

This lunar cycle will support you in taking charge of your money in many ways so set your intention to harvest its energy and balance all financial matters. Deep within your being, there is a desire for complete peace and silence. By sinking inside your vertical power current that runs from the Cosmos, into the top of your head, down through the center of your body and into the earth, you can tap into this stream of infinite consciousness that brings harmony to your life.

Set your intention, to be honest with yourself and others to navigate relationships to keep communication clear and harmonious. This is a great time to allow others to express their deepest feelings, secrets, and desires while listening with a compassionate ear. You love sitting in the deep ocean of emotions and taking in the drama and trauma others are experiencing so soak it up as this moon may trigger many people in your life.

Life is full of stress so stay calm by focusing on thoughts that make you happy while letting go of the things that you can not change. You might feel a little jumpy and on edge during this full moon so just breath through the challenging situations and let all negativity slide into oblivion. You know how to shift the negative to the positive and are ruled by Jupiter the planet of prosperity. This is the last month that Jupiter will be in your sign so focus on the abundance of life by asking how you can take advantage of Jupiter’s energy to bless you and support your happy-go-lucky attitude.

This is a great full moon for intuitive development, dream journaling and writing down all your deepest feelings. Your inner voice that comes from deep within your bones will help you navigate all the drama in the world around you. You are a mountain goat so use any extra energy to get out and explore the world around you. This full moon is in the sign of the bull brings you more stability and strength to build a solid foundation to work from. This energy might make you feel more stubborn than usual but if you stay open to what feels right in your body, the world will open doors that support you in your future endeavors. Slow and steady, one step at a time helps you to successfully reach the top of your mountain.

Freedom and independence are very important to you, but this full earthy moon helps you focus on creating a comfortable nurturing home life to use as your base. It is important to find a balance between your professional life and private life which is like the tides of the ocean. During high tide, it is time to be active and low tide it is time to relax. You can take care of everything that needs to be done but right now put everything on hold and take a chill pill to enjoy the heaviness of this earthy moon to relax and regenerate your body.

This is a good time to get everything off your chest, let everything go and release all the unwanted drama from your life. Shut off all your electronic devices at night to feel the powerful energy of this full moon. Take an Epsom Salt, Sea Salt and Baking Soda bath to wash all your cares away and focus on your dreams. Your world is created in the 4-D Dreamtime to gently shape your world in an alternate reality and create it the way you desire it to be. Let your imagination become your life and live it to the fullest.

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Reverend Wanda
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