The Native American Indian tribes call this the ‘Full Cold Moon’ or ‘Long Nights Moon’ as it heralds in the cold winter season and the longest night of the year. Ancient European called it the ‘Moon Before Yule’ to honor the Yuletide celebrations.

With Gemini’s powerful whimsical and adventurous influence, it may be helpful to know how it will affect you. Some of you may feel an urge to express yourself with enthusiasm, others may need to leave the house, and more adventurous astrological signs may need to get out and explore their world. Social signs may need to join groups, but a few individuals may come apart at the seams with this nervous energy. More importantly, some of you may embrace this energy to empower you to move forward with projects or changes in your lives.

Let’s look at how this full Moon will affect each birth sign:

You are in the mood for transformation that is positive in your career and it might be beneficial to improve what you are doing to get more results. This is the time to receive a reward for what you have done. You may meet a new love but most likely, you will reconnect with an old flame so focus on having healthy experiences in all your connections with personal relationships.  Also, focus on what you need and go after it….you will get it!

The combination of this full moon influence and Uranus moving through your sign may make you feel unsettled this month so be extremely careful and take your time making decisions. These energies might be a great influence to open your mind to learning something new or travel to another place to expand your knowledge base. It might also be a perfect time to listen to your body’s needs and getaway to recharge and regenerate your energy. Stay true to yourself and focus on fulfilling all your dreams no matter what the planets do to you.

Health and healing will be your focus right now, but you might be over thinking your troubles. Shift all your negative thoughts to positive ones. Don’t worry, all psychological difficulties will be uplifted, and you may find relief with your monkey mind by practicing deep breathing techniques. This full moon gives you the power to set your intention to pay off everything you owe to get out of a dept belief system. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it to lift yourself and others into higher consciousness.

Self-worth is linked to your destiny and very important to you so express your emotions honestly so that you can nurture others with your wealth of wisdom. Watch your health and pay special attention to the good and bad feelings that move through your body that have a negative or positive effect on your wellbeing. Relationships might have been a challenge so with shifting your perspective, all relationships will improve after Dec 15th. If you are stressing about money, ask yourself what you need to feel financially safe. Then find a way to make that happen.

Be mindful of the advice you receive. If any ideas feel right, allow them to bring changes in your life and flow with them as much as possible. Your thirst for knowledge is very high right now so use all new ideas to help you with work, maintain your health and get organized. This December full moon might lead you on a transformative adventure that could be good. Get creative and have fun this Christmas season.

You are always thinking about what you want to do so at this stage relax in your home and chill as much as possible. You will have the creative energy to apply to your endeavors so a little effort in this direction will bring you results. If you feel pressured to make a decision that you’re not ready to make…don’t…. wait. Get all the facts and search for alternative solutions that reduce stress down to zero. Trust the force inside your gut knowing to lead you in the right direction.

You might be feeling the nervous energy with this full moon, but it will calm down after December 15th which will bring you more peace and harmony. What is important to you right now is home, safety, and comfort while doing home projects, repairs, and hobbies. This full moon may also give you the energy to spend more time with those that are important to you so relish those special people in your life. Let yourself experience joy, happiness, and companionship this holiday season.


You may have been putting a lot of effort into your career without fulfillment but that will change after Dec 25th where you can move forward and receive what you are due. After that, you will feel stronger and be able to deal with all situations with tact and diplomacy as Mars will be in your sign till January giving you lots of energy. But, if you feel burnt out, it might be wise to relax and take a break from the challenges that are so intense for you. Find a place to regenerate and recharge your batteries for now.

This Gemini Full Moon is creating quite a bit of pressure inside your body making you feel burnt out so take it one day at a time to get through this month. Don’t worry, your career, health, and finances as they will be fine. Also, it might be best to leave some things unsaid as relationships might be challenged by your honest insights. But, you have a keen mind with the ability to view the big picture. When appropriate, share your advanced knowledge and share your philosophies. In the meantime, kick back, relax and listen to enjoy life while celebrating the holidays.

The best way to save cash is to pull it out and fold it in half, then put it back. Watch unnecessary spending and keep your credit cards in your wallet till after Christmas. Money will be the main focus in your life so do not allow it or the spending of it create stress in your life. Also, it may seem like life is not moving in the direction you want or as fast as you desire. It is best to pace yourself and chill out till the full moon is over. Then put on some Christmas music and proceed with your strong work habits. Venus is moving through your sign so enjoy feeling beautiful!!!

Profit and how to make money from many different sources of financing are important to you and it is a good time to make decisions about your career to be more prosperous. You may receive an unseen push with your money moving things along quite nicely with the influence of this full moon. Also, if you would like to be the free bird that you truly are, think about taking a trip to learn something new.

Trust your intuition to guide you through the anxiety and worry this full Moon in Gemini may be causing in your body. No matter what people tell you, it is OK to delay all decisions till later in the week or next week. Some people may say that you are procrastinating but in reality, time will reveal the truth. Listen to your heart and trust your gut knowing’s to guide your decisions and build confidence in your Soul. Neptune continues to bless you with a strong connection to the spiritual world and your intuition.

For everyone, if you feel out of sorts and your mind is driving you crazy, just look outside and tell yourself the sun is shining during the day and the moon is going through its phases nightly. The higher frequencies of this luminous energy are about shifting from your monkey mind down to the peace, calm, and silence of your Tantien or Gut knowing.

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Peace, Harmony, Joy, and Health to Everyone this Blessed Holiday Season,
Reverend Wanda
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery

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