I love discovering economical solutions to health challenges, especially for chronic illnesses. Testing for food allergies can be costly and if we use an insurance company to help cover the cost, they may increase our fees at a later date. It is pretty obvious that insurance and pharmaceutical companies thrive on reoccurring illnesses. So, it is helpful to find alternative ways to love and nourish our bodies back to health.

Food sensitivities can develop over time from a lack of digestive enzymes and deterioration of the intestinal walls. When we eat foods that we are allergic to, they irritate and increase inflammation in the lining of the gut. This may result in a histamine reaction in the cells that can add stress to the body and interfere with the natural function of the internal anatomy thus resulting in major health problems. A simple solution is to eliminate the foods that cause allergens but how do we find out what they are?

Our heartbeat will tell us what makes our body strong or weak just by placing any food in our mouth for 30 seconds and feeling our pulse. If the pulse stays the same, the body is fine, but if the pulse increases a few more beats per minute, it shows the body is having a negative reaction.

This simple allergy test was developed by Dr. Arthur Coca in 1956 and here is a shortened version of his technique from his book, ‘The Pulse Test’:

1.Sit and relax while placing two fingers on the artery of your neck or on the inside of your wrist to find your ‘resting pulse rate’.

2. Stay calm while you hold those fingers on the arteries of your neck or wrist to find your pulse for 1 full minute and write it down.

3. Take a bit of food and chew it for 30 seconds but do not swallow.

4. While holding the food in your mouth, take your pulse again for 1 full minute and write it down.

5. A jump of 6 heartbeats a minute or more indicates an allergic reaction to what you have held in your mouth and your body is being stressed out by the food.

6. Go ahead and spit out the food and rinse your mouth out with filtered water so you can test other foods.

The foods that increase the heartbeat can be eliminated for 6 months while rebuilding the digestive/absorption systems. Then the food can be retested to see if the body still has sensitivities to them. (This test does not work if any beta-blockers or calcium channel blockers are being consumed.)

My favorite way to help my digestive system liquify my food is to take digestive enzymes at the end of all meals and keep the intestines strong and healthy, I use pre/pro-biotics and soil micro-organisms. I will be happy to assist those that find they have reactions to foods to rebuild their digestive/absorption systems to reduce allergens.

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I hope this simple pulse technique gives you the knowledge to keep your body healthy and gives you peace of mind.
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In support of your perfect health, inner beauty, peace, happiness, and prosperity,
Reverend Wanda
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery

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