The Mayo Clinic recently collaborated with Adaptive Phage Therapeutics in June 2020 to develop patient-specific precision Bacteriophage therapy for antibiotic-resistant bacteria infections that may be complicated with biofilms.

Let me explain how this ‘Superbug Therapy’ works. Bacteriophages, known as phages, are a form of healthy viruses that attach to unhealthy bacterial cells while injecting a viral genome into them. After penetration, the unhealthy bacterial cells are filled with phages and explode. This kills unhealthy bacteria while releasing additional phages that continue to spread injecting their viral genomes to devour other infectious bacteria thus replacing them and halting infection in the body.

Phage Therapy has been used successfully to eradicate upper and lower respiratory tract infections, external and internal ear infections, urinary infections, chronic bacterial prostatitis in men, virginal infections, prosthetic joint infections, skin & wound infections, osteomyelitis, leg ulcers, and sinusitis by destroying unhealthy pathogens such as Enterococcus, Klebsiella, Morganella, Pseudomonas, Shigella, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus just to name a few.

There are four bacteriophage strains that mitigate antibiotic-resistant infections and they are LH01-Myoviridae, LL5-Siphoviridae, T4D-Myoviridae, and LL12-Myoviridae. They have been used to modulate the gut microbiota, therefore ameliorating common inflammation-related GI distress symptoms which in turn keep the body healthy.

When the Phages are taken internally, they react with specific bacteria in the gut to create nutrients known as prebiotics that help our intestines to build healthy bacteria to maintain optimal digestive and immune health.

The good news is that Phage Therapy, an almost forgotten cure used in 1919, is returning to the main stage. Recently two new clinics opened in San Diego California and Toronto Canada. But, Phage testing in labs is time-consuming and awfully expensive. Luckily, we do not have to wait for researchers to produce economical forms of these supplemental bacteria phage strains as they are being provided by forward-thinking companies.

Dr. Tobias ‘PreBiotic’ provides these four Phage strains and they are made from Non-GMO ingredients inspected in a GMP certified facility.

Zen Biotic provides all the Phages with pro-biotics. Together, they help to eliminate unhealthy bacteria while building healthy intestinal flora.

Enviromedica ‘TerraFlora Advanced Care’ contains the phage strains, probiotic, and Larch which is an immunomodulatory fiber that activates specific immune system cells and maintains healthy microflora levels that are additional factors in supporting optimal immune function.

I tried combining each of the Phage Therapy products above with the soil micro-organisms found in  ‘Prescript Assist’ and took them at bedtime or in the morning to discover that my intestines felt calmer, bowel movements were easier and I had no bloat.

Upon further research, I found that new information about these amazing Phages has been presented in the book ‘Life In Our Phage World’ where authors Rohwer, Youle,  Maughan, and Hisakawa write, “We share the Earth with more than 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 phages. Everywhere they thrive, from well-fed guts to near-boiling acidic springs, from cryoconite holes to endolithic fissures. They travel from one microbial host to the next as virions, their genetic weapons packaged inside a protective protein shell. If you could lay all of these nanoscopic phage virions side-by-side, the line-up would stretch over 42 million light-years. Through their daily shenanigans, they kill or collaborate with their microbial hosts to spur microbial evolution and maintain ecosystem functioning. They also taught us that DNA, not protein, is the hereditary material, to unravel the triplet genetic code, and offered their enzymes as indispensable tools for the molecular biology revolution. More contributions will be forthcoming since the vast majority of phages await discovery.”

I also discovered that one of the densest and most natural sources for Phages is seawater.
And OmniBlue ‘Ocean Minerals’ is a great supply of Phages provided by the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Your gut health is the cornerstone of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being so I encourage everyone to look into Phage Therapy and share this information with friends to stay optimistic during these crazy times.

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In support of your perfect health, inner beauty, happiness, and prosperity,
Reverend Wanda
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery
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