Prepare to have your world rocked this year!

Shocking events will continue to take place all around the globe.

Monumental change, renovation, collapse, and expansion will happen in everyone’s lives. Also, everyone’s value system will be revamped completely.

A deep revolution will unfold bringing conflict with the old leaders and the independent rebels. Some will allow themselves to be completely controlled by these leaders and others will adopt the utopian dream of freedom. We will also see a breakthrough in all illusions with all of the systems that have in place for many years.


Many businesses will continue to collapse as a new foundation is put into place. The beginning to middle of 2021 will bring about the most extreme transformations with the old system dying with a new system emerging for the betterment of our big blue marble. This will bring many new opportunities in all aspects of the business world. For instance, hemp-rice-bamboo toilet paper will be created, and we will never run out of this essential product ever! Everything that pollutes this planet will be replaced with alternatives that help everything be healthy and thrive so look for solutions to all problems.

I see many new businesses combining technology with mother nature to thrive in the areas of alternative energy, transportation, engineering, construction, food, gardens, and health.

Physical businesses will continue to reduce expenses with more output expectations from employees which will help people to see how important it is to create the business of their dreams and live a fulfilling life. But it might be helpful to know when they create their own business, they will be working all day and night to be successful.

Online business will continue to increase, deliveries made quicker by alternate delivery methods, home-based business will flourish, and global virtual reality business growing by leaps and bounds.

Many social media websites have replaced FB, but there will be many more and they will continue to grow to explode all over the global freeing large numbers of millennials to rove the planet like gypsies documenting their travels and receiving incomes from marketing products, travel destinations, hotels, Airbnb, and restaurants.

Upheaval, revolution and instability will change the way everyone does business but in the long run, these changes will bring about a level playing field, new ways of creating prosperity by taking care of our earth and humanity.

When the governments, banks, and 1% lose control over the people there will be a breakdown of their monopoly, big wake up calls, and shifts will happen all over the world creating heaven on earth.


Mother Earth is showing us what happens when the good bacteria in the soil is destroyed which in turn destroys the good bacteria in our bodies.

The earth is shaking it up more than ever all over the globe and this will become the norm for 6 years with more volcanos blowing in the ring of fire, more fires in warmer countries, huge snowstorms shutting down the colder countries, tectonic plates moving, glaciers melting submersing islands, larger hurricanes, violent storms, and holes forming in unusual places.

Plastics and paper products from trees will become a thing of the past with bags/containers made of rice, banana leaves, and hemp providing alternative solutions. We have machines that change plastics back into oil creating pollution solutions for air, water, and land and being implemented by conscious individuals to prevent the destruction of the earth. The market for safer alternatives to household products will continue to grow cleaning up the water. It is an uphill battle but worthwhile for the generations to come.


New educational methods for Indigo, Crystal, Millennial, and NextGen children based on digital tech will help them work in the future AI dominant world. More parents will remove their children from the ‘prison’ schools to free their minds and educate them in alternative education systems.

Autism centers are increasing to support parents to enhance their communication skills and development. Hyperactive/Attention-Deficit/Autistic children will receive more individualized attention and instruction to meet their needs rather than being drugged which does not work.

I see many educational systems set up where people learn skills without degrees and launch their own training programs.


Gardens will be growing vertical creating much more food than ever before. For instance, Elan Musk’s brother, Kimball Musk is building a national farm to people marketplace for the kind of food that is good for everyone.

Bon Jovie and his wife continue to run restaurants that feed people for free where people voluntarily bring the food, cook the food, serve the food, wash the dishes, and clean the facilities.

Mom & Pop based business such as farm to table, farmer’s markets, food trucks will increase providing healthy alternatives to the corporate food supply.

When the farmers that grow GMO begin to realize their bodies are mutating and dying from these DNA altering foods, they will support the huge expansion of Organic, Heirloom and Non-GMO gardens.

Sun and weather changes will continue to create challenges with agriculture and food production, but more empty buildings/shopping malls will offer a haven for indoor/temp controlled growing and manufacturing.


(In 2019, I predicted, ‘There is a new epidemic which leaves doctors with no solutions other than to resort to natural remedies for the cure.’)

Many cures for all diseases will continue to go mainstream especially with frequency machines, laser light therapy, peptides, stem/cord cell IVs, infrared, sound-wave therapy, electromagnetic signal-beam machines, alternative remedies, and inter-dimensional healing modalities.

Incurable illnesses are on the rise from multiple sources such as increased environmental-biotoxins, chemicals, bacteria, pesticides, parasites, and molds encouraging people to seek alternative healing solutions.

Infertility increases from GMOs mutation of humans and animals.

Smart meters and cell towers will go 6-G to cause a reversed spin on the cells and a high-pitched vibration which causes more sleeplessness, stress, nerve damage, organ malfunction, and mental instability.

I am continuing to watch the ‘Tri-Corder’ facsimile inspired by Star Trek, ‘DXTER’ will be available in the future for purchase to monitor our own health.

Med Beds are big on the internet, but I am still waiting to see these amazing beds that I can sink into to have my whole body regenerated.

‘Chem Flu’ is now a recognized illness by regeneration doctors all over the world with COPD on the rise demanding natural solutions/cures become available.

Alternative Cancer solutions continue to fill the marketplace such as bloodroot, Fenbendazole, stem-cord cells, and ultraviolet light giving much-needed solutions to victims that have limited finances. 3-D printing from stem cells and tissue samples are now creating organ, glands, and body replacements identical to the real thing. It will be incredibly happy to see this being done by the dentist to fill cavities, make crowns, and implants.


Banking systems have been changing their money systems this year and they will invite their clients to change their currency to the bank’s digital currency from January to June 2021. This will create an incredible shock for everyone across the globe. Credit/debit cards, cash, coins, and all forms of currency will cease to exist except for QR codes and digital currency. This will create five years of financial confusion, challenges, heartbreak, and revolution.

In five to 10 years, humanity will wake up and realize that every single person on this planet can create their own digital currency banking system which will be as easy as creating a digital-banking website. They will draw all their digital currency out of the banks and begin circling the money all across the globe creating prosperity for everyone.

If anyone desires to create their own digital currency today, it can be done with great expense, focus, time, and determination. At this time there are over 8000 forms of digital currencies and in the future, there will be millions.

(Admittedly, I will miss my dollar bills, change, credit cards, and freedom to operate freely in the financial system.)

Real Estate

We will see foreclosures and evictions increase creating a massive movement of people into different living conditions such as tent cities and Van/RV communities. Boondocking will become normal and a great way to navigate the challenges of renting and owning a home.

We will see interest rates for 30-year loans will stay in the 2% to 3% area for most of the year. Real Estate will fluctuate with more people buying & building homes to escape rentals. They will turn any extra space into rental units to help them pay their mortgages.

We will continue to see unusual types of rentals that provide quick stays for the nomadic types of Millennials/Next-Gens, such as couch surfing and camping spot rentals.

We will see shopping malls turned into apartment style-garden living.

New building designs will embrace advancements in technology using new materials that are stable, temperature-controlled, and eco-friendly.


Major spiritual transformations bringing in new religions with a stronger connection to the creator. Telepathy is increasing in humanity with more people leaving the old restrictive beliefs and opening their intuitive gifts. The spiritual dimensions are actively affecting the physical body making yoga techniques, meditation, and alternative metaphysical studies mainstream and popular. We will continue to see millions of online training programs emerge providing all kinds of spiritual knowledge.


QR Codes will replace most of the way we perform transactions starting now and completely transforming our consumer world.

The Aurora and Frontier Supercomputer Systems created and implemented this year have the power equal to do a quintillion calculations per second.

But the Gaussian Boson Sampling Quantum Computing operates on two dimensions at the same time and is much faster than the Aurora & Frontier Supercomputer systems.

Blockchain will enable everyone to securely place their business data, products, tittles to what they own, as well as all private information in this unhackable global system. Even the voting system will be completely transparent in this system.

The AI or Artificial Intelligence Revolution is already growing in strength and popularity in health care, insurance, oil/gas industry, agriculture, publishing, media, architecture, hospitality, finance, and customer service. Soon we will have facial recognition software in all public places.

Implants will be commonplace and the tech company, ‘Neuralink’ is hiring! (Gives me a headache to think of an object implanted in my skull.)

6-G satellites are now replacing 5-G damaging and mutating everything on this planet with microwaves that reverse the spin of the cells. I do see a form of nanotech replacing this outdated type of broadband internet in five to ten years which will not harm anything. Anybody that wishes to create a stylish line of aluminum/copper coated clothing to deflect these microwaves might make a fortune.

3D holographic tech will grow exponentially creating magical marketing displays and the ability to transport a visual image of anyone into a meeting room across the globe.

CRISPER, a genome-editing technique will be a significant contributor to the anti-viral/anti-bacteria revolution.

Machines will continue to replace people in the workplace.

Owning cars will be a thing of the past as self-driving smart cars will offer a safe and new alternative to travel in the cities. We now have self-driving semi-trucks so keep an eye out for them on the highways.

Space travel is becoming normal and offering trips to outer space from companies such as Space X leading the way but Virgin Galactic, Space Dev, and Blue Origin following closely behind.

We will see more renewable and alternative energy is crawling out of private companies and slowly replacing oil, gas, and electric expanding into mainstream slowly over the next ten years.

Again, even though free energy is here, I do not see free energy machines being released to the public until 2030.

Humans can communicate in many languages now and human/animal communication will continue to grow using intuition-based technology.


The first half of 2021 will not be good for travel especially to other countries unless you have a private plane. Mid-year, more people of all ages will be bitten by the travel bug and fly all over the world especially for work, education, nomadic businesses, and pleasure.

Numerous forms of air travel vehicles will receive permits to be used by inventors to share the air space. Even though we have many forms of alternative cars with air, hydrogen, and water engines, they are still being suppressed and I do not see them available by mass production this coming year in the US.



Aries will focus on finances with lots of surprises so manage your expenses wisely and live within your budget. After mid-year, your social circle can grow if you get out and have fun. If you are single, get ready to attract a partner but please exercise to keep your body healthy and strong. Health may suffer from mental stress because you are so busy with work this year so take a little bit of time to chill out if needed.

Taurus will enjoy more exciting changes so focus on making your life positive so the drama and conflict can be kept to a minimum. Finances can be improved by trying something new and innovative. Keep fit with activities you enjoy. Keep communications clear will all loved ones so there are no misunderstandings. If the female bulls wish to start a family or have more children, this might be the year to do it. Health should be good as long as a daily exercise routine is implemented but watch for tension as it may create back pain.

Gemini will have the ability to achieve their goals as long as they practice diplomacy with others. Use honesty, integrity, truth, and kind words in all of your interactions with others to negotiate everything you need. Relationships of all kinds will be blessed this year as long as you be yourself. All new projects will require you to write down a plan to implement each step to keep you focused and guarantee your success. Keep active and establish a healthy routine with exercise but if chronic ailment surfaces, make sure to focus on it and get the help you need.

Cancer has the ability to build healthy relationships by getting out and socializing after the lockdowns lift. These connections will last a long time and be beneficial in many ways. Be diligent with all projects to see them through by adding a little determination along the way. The planet Mars should help to keep you active and healthy but if you worry too much, it might affect your digestion and cause constipation. Relax when you eat and tell your mind to focus on everything that brings you happiness.

Leo is blessed with all career advancements and may see promotions with an increase in financial support. Be incredibly careful with connections with others and keep it positive while avoiding conflict at all costs. Active Listening and Non-Violent Communication will help you create harmonious relationships this year. If you have digestive, intestinal, diabetes, joint pain, and kidney problems don’t ignore them; just change your diet and eat healthily.

Virgo might experience a few challenges in the first part of the year with stress and relationships but that will pass as long as you use common sense and trust your intuition. Facing these challenges will build a deep sense of dedication to everyone in your life. Every planet will bless Virgo with the ability to accomplish everything they desire for the entire year. Health will be excellent as long as Virgo watches their digestion and eat healthy if heartburn or indigestion occurs. Also, joint and spine pain is something to watch carefully. This is a warning sign to destress and eliminate all junk food.

Libra will see a wonderful year where all they desire will come true when they believe they can have what they need. Just avoid reacting to all the problems that arise no matter how critical they may be. Venus and Jupiter will bless your life with healthy, loving relationships and friendships this year. Pay attention to eating yo-yo eating disorders and balance your diet with lots of healthy food. If you take care of your health in the first part of the year, any health problems that surface in the second half of the year will diminish.

Scorpio will find communications essential for harmony in all relationships. Kind words with everyone will result in delightful, affectionate, and pleasant relationships and friendships. The middle of the year will be the most beneficial in regard to fulfilling all of your projects. Tighten your financial belt, spend only what you have, and avoid using credit cards. If any illness presents itself, get to the root causes and focus on the solutions to return your body to perfect health.

Sagittarius needs to open up all communication in all relationships to honor freedom of speech. Learn to listen so others important to you feel like they are being heard. If you cannot travel, watch travel videos to nourish your sense of adventure. Watch for mental stress as it might keep you awake at night. It might be helpful to tell your mind to put its words in a quiet place and get an eye pillow to give your eyes the rest they need. Also, eliminate sweets and carbohydrates so you stay healthy and you do not suffer from malnutrition or tooth decay.

Capricorn will feel lighter now that Saturn has moved into Aquarius but responsibility regarding children will be the focus this year. Any projects will be blessed, and you will have the energy to make them successful. Finances need to be watched so do not overspend on unnecessary items. Keep your body strong and healthy with mineral-rich food, a healthy diet, and lots of exercise. If your joints/knees hurt, lay off the sugar and carbohydrates. Overall, this will be a better year for you.

Aquarians will need to slow down, stay calm, and take care of their bodies with impeccable health habits. Saturn moving through your sign this year will ask you to focus on being more positive and seeking out solutions to all problems. Everything might feel like it is a little harder to achieve but focusing on humor, laughter, and comedy will get you through the challenges that life throws at you and help you develop inner strength. Mother Nature will help you deal with stress, nervousness, and circulation challenges so get out for long walks.

Pisces will benefit from kind words and actions with all of their loved ones, friends, and social contacts this year. It will be important to have a strong support system from friends to help you through those challenging times. You will have the energy and drive to accomplish anything you desire. The first half of the year is great for health, but the second half might be challenging regarding joint and back pain. The use of alcohol and drugs for stress relief might be difficult for your liver to handle so use stretching exercises to relieve pain. Work is a four-letter word for you this year so relax whenever possible.

I believe this information has given everyone an idea of what 2021 holds for humanity in the year ahead but if you need to know what your future looks like regarding health, career, money, relationships, health, past/future life, Soul’s Destiny or how to transform your life, give me a call or email to book your personal session.


I look forward to supporting everyone in keeping their mind, emotions, bodies, and spirits healthy to live a fulfilling life and be prosperous.


A Happy, Healthy, & Prosperous New Year!

Reverend Wanda
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery


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