Have you ever used a four-leaf clover or a rabbit’s foot to bring you luck? The thought of using a material object to bring me what I desired made me wonder if there was a different way to attract luck.

After years of research, I found that inside of the body are three powerful centers called upper, middle, and lower Dantien. I will focus on the lower Dantien located two inches below the belly button as it is the one, I have the most experience with.

For years, I have played with many techniques to create miracles from the Cosmos, and I find the lower Dantien contains a powerful magnetic force that generates a field of attraction.

When I drop down into my belly area, I imagine a big bubble with thick glass walls, and on the floor is a huge sheepskin rug. When I sit on this rug, I imagine a beam of light coming from the Cosmos, into the top of my head and down into the Dantien creating a big ball of light inside my belly. Then, I send this light down into Mother Earth to nourish her with this light-filled with love and benevolent power of creation As I sit inside this place, I notice a deafening silence, deep inner peace, harmony, and tranquility.

Next, I begin creating all kinds of things inside this bubble such as happy children and grandchildren, loving friends, a perfectly healthy body, fresh organic food, healing nutrients, a safe home, the perfect car, a new RV, bills paid, vacations, successful career, and spiritual fulfillment in life. Then I imagine this ball of light embracing and filling all of it with its divine frequency. Most important, I have no expectation of how or when the force of creation will bring all of this into manifestation.

But I must admit it is the small things that have taught me to concentrate on the vibration of creation within the lower Dantien. For example, when the ‘pandemic’ was in full operation with empty stores, I made a grocery list and dropped it into my gut on Monday and waited to get a ‘Yes’ or good feeling to go out shopping. This feeling emerged out of my gut on Friday, so I headed out to see what the land of scarcity would provide. I stopped at three different places and found everything I needed but the last grocery store revealed how creation works.

As I meandered down the canned food aisle clutching my list which had 2 cans of Organic Black Beans written in pencil, I noticed there was and an eerie emptiness with no can of any kind to be found on any shelf. I slowly pushed my cart down the aisle with arrows on the floor indicating I was going the wrong way and halfway down sat two cans of Organic Black Beans on a shelf about shoulder height. When I wrapped my hands around them to lift them off the shelf, I felt a jolt of electricity that vibrated throughout my body. I began to laugh hysterically and the people in the aisle completely cleared out in two seconds. I guess they thought I just got out of the funny farm, but I did not care because the vibration of creation was so strong that it continued to vibrate in my body after I set the cans in my cart. My mind could not fathom how this miracle had occurred because the canned food section was completely cleaned out and there was no way in heaven they could have been there. I laughed at my mind, thanked it for sharing, and continued on my expedition in wonderland.

The moral of this story is we have a place inside our bodies that is so powerful, it can override the 3D illusion created by those that wish us to live in poverty and enslavement. I encourage everyone to practice this technique every day to see what miracles can be created to live an abundant and prosperous life.

My favorite St Patty’s Day movie from 1948: ‘The Luck of the Irish’:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHssrqqLaHQ

Crypto: Blockchain’s Bank-Less Future

In the future, I see millions of digital banks replacing the old banking system so I have jumped into the digital world to see which cryptos are good for the long term.
The first thing I did was set up an account in an exchange that was easy to navigate called Coinbase ( https://www.coinbase.com/join/zummal_y ) which you can take a look at if you wish. Being extremely cautious with my money, I put a few dollars into Ethereum to see what it would do. After a couple of months, it tripled, so I decided to leave it in there and let it grow. I have watched how volatile aka schizophrenic the cryptos are but Ethereum has kept strong throughout the high and low tides of February and March.

Since cryptos are the money of the future, I am looking at all of them but keep in mind, I only put a small amount of money in that I can afford to lose because it is gambling. Instead of playing Powerball or Lotto, I take that small amount of money and put it into crypto. It has been a pleasant surprise to see the money increase rather than just disappear.

When I look into the future of cryptos, I see they will make a gradual ascent from April to November in 2021. I am also looking into the new banking systems that are emerging using digital money and there are many starting up just like the Bank of Joy in the Netherlands:https://bofjoy.net/
I have also seen the banks that have been running the world create their own cryptos, but they do not have everyone’s best interest at heart, and they will try and control it. I wish them luck, but I know we now can exercise our options to take all the money out of the banks and 1%’ circling it around the globe and turning it into prosperity for everyone.

Peptides: Powerful Regeneration Proteins

A few months ago, I sent out a newsletter about BCP-157 peptide capsules called ‘Unbreakable’ by Hydrapharm. It is hard to believe that this substance made from the gastric juices of the stomach can regenerate the internal organs, reverse damage in the intestinal tract, speed out wound & tissue healing, repair & regrow muscle tissue, and prevent dell damage in the brain.

At the time I was writing about it, I was taking one capsule in the morning and I noticed a gentle difference which piqued my curiosity to see if there was anything better.

Low and behold, I found a nasal spray from Germany that is supposed to be the highest quality on the market. After using it for about a month, I noticed my intestines were pain-free especially after enjoying a restaurant meal loaded with GMO’s and glyphosates aka Roundup which deform, dissolve, and tear up the intestines.

Further research revealed that I could get the BCP-157 blended with TB-500 which has been known to contain anti-inflammatory agents that play important roles in the maintenance of cell shape, vesicle movement, cell division, cytokinesis as well as muscle contraction.

If you would like to take a look at this peptide combination, you may find it at Peptides Direct ‘BCP-157 & TB-500’: https://direct-peptides.com/product/tb500-bpc157-blend-nasal-spray/ (I need to inform you that this Peptide is only for house plants and not for human or animal consumption so please consult with your regeneration specialist/medical doctor before using it.)

If you feel this information has been beneficial, please feel free to share it with your friends.

Until next month, be well and enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible to stay happy.

Reverend Wanda
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery

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