Every morning, I mix 1 tsp of Non-GMO Vitamin C Ascorbate and 1 tbsp of Organic Aloe Vera juice in a cup of water to keep my immune system strong and nourish my digestive system.

As I drink this elixir, my energy levels lift while my stomach and intestinal walls are soothed with the extract of a healing plant. It feels like this combination of Vitamin C and Aloe can reduce the ‘assault’ of viruses and toxins on my immune system, prevent infections, heal my digestive system, and reduce overall stress.

Optimal functioning of the immune and digestive systems is linked to feeling good and when I feel good, I know that symptoms of any sickness are not necessarily a sign of weakness. Instead, this indicates that my body is actively fighting to keep me healthy and resilient. I know that my immune system is stronger than any virus or disease and this knowledge eliminates all fear and negative programing prevalent in the world today.

According to Linus Pauling, a great scientist and peace activist, Vitamin C protects DNA and RNA from free radical damage caused by toxic exposures to viruses, pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, and biological warfare. I have watched high doses of Ascorbate C build the adrenals and support the spleen’s ability to product T-Cells from the bone marrow while neutralizing spike proteins. The only contraindication I could find were kidney stones which V-C may aggravate. But there is an herb called Gravel Root that has been known to dissolve stones so high doses of Vit C can be used without fear.

In addition, clinical trials have shown Aloe Vera has been successfully used to prevent skin acne, treat burns, heal postoperative wounds, treat genital herpes, alleviate psoriasis, and repair ulcers. The liquid from the inner leaf of this plant has special anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-microbial properties that gently reverse damage internally and externally without negative side effects.

For decades, I have watched many clients choose a regenerative path using supplements and herbs along with a positive mental attitude to keep their immune system strong, and their bodies healthy life long.

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In support of your perfect health, inner peace, happiness, and prosperity,
Reverend Wanda
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