Honestly, I would like to turn those numbers around to 36, but 63 years around the sun has given me quite a knowledge base of experience in the healing fields.
One of the most important things I have learned is to listen to and understand are my emotional cravings and unmet needs. For example, last Saturday, as I drove home from the farmers market, I passed an ice cream shop where a little girl and her father stood on the front sidewalk enjoying chocolate ice cream cones.
Immediately, my mouth began to salivate, and I felt a pang in my gut that longed to enjoy an ice cream cone of my own. Instead, I dropped down inside these feelings to uncover the source of my cravings. To my surprise, out jumped my five-year-old. In my imagination, she pressed her nose to the window exclaiming with delight, ‘I want a scoop of rainbow sherbet in an old fashion ice cream cone.’
Instead of dismissing her, I focused on her words. Suddenly, fond memories surfaced of my father taking me to the Thrifty Drug Store for a scoop of rainbow sherbet after completing a day’s work moving sprinklers in the orange and avocado orchards. I could see her dressed in ragged, hand-me-down, blue overalls, and her long, blond hair covered with dirt and spider webs, but her face was radiant while the ice-cold sherbet dripped down her chin. She felt on top of the world as she savored that single scoop of happiness sitting next to her father on the drive home in the old, red, Studebaker truck.
Today, I promised my precious inner child that I would get a scoop of rainbow sherbet in an old fashion cone to celebrate, and I did. Now, I am feeling the wonderful sugar high with the incredible blood sugar drop while it spreads throughout my blood stream to my fingers, toes, and spreads into my brain. The brain fog is mind numbing!
Luckily, my body recovers quickly from celebrating my ‘sweet cheat’ day because I have learned the following:
At this young age, I need to take care of my myself by enjoying only certified, organic/Non-GMO proteins and vegetables; taking long walks out in the wilderness areas; drinking 8 to 10 glasses a day of filtered or distilled water; using supplements and herbs to heal any health challenges; taking time out when I am angry or hurt to heal; walking away from dangerous ‘red flag’ situations; setting healthy boundaries; keeping a private journal allowing my feelings out rather than suppressing them; redirecting my mind from fear based thinking to focusing on solutions; using my body pendulum with the ‘Secret Place of Silence’ in my belly for daily guidance; educating myself on all the latest healing modalities and technologies; playing with friends and family; setting goals to give my imagination something to work on and rewarding myself when I achieve them; enjoying retail therapy once in a while; shutting off all computers/cell phones when I am overwhelmed by EMFs; and getting enough sleep to reboot my circadian rhythms so I feel revitalized when I wake up.
Most importantly, I am grateful and humbled to have done what I love with clients all over the globe for over three decades. The sessions, questions, and feedback I have experienced with them keeps my skill sets strong. It is amazing to sink my hands inside bodies every day to perceive the communication skills of inner anatomy.
Did you know that all your organs, glands, muscles, bones, and nerves have a voice and talk all the time? For decades, I have sunk my hands into one part of the body, and it will direct me to another part to help me convey to my clients the source of the problem.
For instance, I recently sank my hands inside a client’s heart to try and find out the cause of intermittent fibrillation or rapid heartbeat. The heart loved the attention because my client’s Natal Moon was in Leo, but the heart kept telling me, ‘Look at my adrenals!’ So, I slowly moved my hands gently inside the adrenals and felt a deep pain from too much caffeine and lack of sleep. I also pointed out the dark circles under the eyes indicating adrenal exhaustion from being on demand 24/7. Together, we focused on solutions to rebuild the adrenals to calm the heart and let the body rest to experience more peace.
I invite you to enjoy a few minutes talking with your body with this five-minute meditation: ‘Nourishing Your Body
I love perceiving the internal energy anatomy as well as ‘future’ time beams with my high sense perception and microscopic vision. When it feels right, you are welcome to contact me for your personal session and receive $20 off for the rest of January 2022.
I wish you a healthy, happy year doing what you love while fulfilling your destiny,
Reverend Wanda
Sedona School of Medical Intuitive Mastery


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