When viruses enter the body, Zeolite captures all the virus particles even Herpes, and prevents them from spreading by binding them and escorting them out of the body thus eliminating the source of infection.

Zeolite also binds harmful toxins that have accumulated over the years from indoor and outdoor pollutants such as mold inside buildings, chemicals in our food, cosmetics, cleaning products, and fluoride in drinking water. Then there are airborne toxins such as chemtrails, heavy metals such as aluminum, lead, cadmium, nickel, and arsenic. Add to that is, mercury in our dental fillings’ bacteria in our bodies, mycotoxins, and a host of other toxic substances that can add to the disease process.

Clinical studies show that Zeolite is amazing for binding and releasing the known and unknown toxic ingredients of the vaccines.

In the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, Zeolite was used extensively to mop up radiation and reduce exposure in neighboring communities.

Peer reviewed studies show that Zeolite provides powerful antioxidant properties by removing the toxins and restoring oxidative damage thus repairing the body creating an environment that supports immune modulatory properties.
One study done in 2008 by Rochet & Vergel combined Zeolite with food grade hydrogen peroxide to make tumors disappear. Other studies have shown Zeolite reduces the toxic load to the liver allowing the removal of pesticides, herbicides, and dioxins, which have been linked to the development of tumors.
I was delighted to discover that Zeolite does not remove beneficial minerals from the body and is beneficial for increasing the healthy bacteria terrain in the intestines.
After learning all of this, I decided to try it after spending a day in the city where the pollution and chemtrails were exceptionally high and took one capsule of Zeolite at bedtime. When I woke up, I was expecting a negative reaction, but I felt great.
Most detoxification processes can create an unpleasant ‘die-off’ with symptoms such as headaches, fevers, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. When it comes to zeolite, the detox is different because it absorbs dangerous toxins and then escorts them out of the body through the urine or sweat. There is no aluminum or lead in Zeolite, and it is safe and non-toxic for children, and pets. Most forms are beneficial but avoid synthetic sources. Most important, only use Zeolite with your doctors or veterinarians’ supervision.
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First Solar Eclipse 2022!
Saturday, April 30th, we have a Solar Eclipse in Taurus which will bring an awakening in the way we claim the power in our bodies and individual destinies. This ‘change making eclipse’ is a wonderful time to sow seeds for the next 6 months to bring us unexpected and delightful surprises. Allow the universe to do the heavy lifting and don’t be afraid to embark on any paths infused with the spirit of love and compassion. We also have a new moon in Taurus which inspires us to set our intentions to improve our quality of life in practical ways. For instance, the new moon to the full moon is an auspicious time to plant seeds for above ground crops in the garden. 

May the sun warm your heart and the moon nourish your Soul,

Reverend Wanda

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