Would you be interested in discovering the most powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-tumor peptide, and immunomodulatory molecule in the world?
This miracle molecule is called Lactoferrin, and it is a protein found in the first milk from humans, goats, and cows. It is a specific molecule that protects invasion of the gastrointestinal tract against viruses, bacteria, fungus, and protozoa infections.
It is dumbfounding how straightforward it works. Most bacteria, viruses, and fungi feed on iron but lactoferrin starves these microbes by depriving them of their much-needed iron supply destabilizing their cell walls, disrupting the formation of biofilms, and inhibiting bacterial adhesions.
Lactoferrin regulates the body’s iron and ensures that it is absorbed through the intestinal tract into every cell in the body. It also has an immunomodulating effect by stimulating the body’s ability to synthesize cytokines and chemokines as well as accelerating the body’s defense system. In turn, this boosts the immune system preventing sickness and disease, but it also regulates the function of the bone marrow where platelets, and red & white blood cells are made.
This amazing protein stimulates the growth, differentiation, and secretory activity of epithelial cells, which optimizes the digestive processes and absorption of nutrients and protects against the action of pathogens and food allergens.
When I discovered this glycoprotein was reported to be harmless for those that suffer with milk allergies, I tested it and found it subdued most allergy symptoms when I enjoyed goat cheese and sheep yogurt. After a month, I enjoyed a variety of dairy products once in a while and experienced minimal side effects even though allergens were high from the mulberry, ash, and juniper pollens around my home. This piqued my curiosity, so I decided to watch the capsule of Lactoferrin as it moved through my digestive system. When the capsule dissolved in my stomach releasing the powder, it appeared to coat the stomach walls and as it moved into the duodenum, it seemed to soothe the intestinal walls. As the lactoferrin moved into the cells, it abbosrbed quickly while subduing any inflammation or allergy response. 

What I observed inspired me to research further and I was also delighted to find out that newborn babies and children suffering from diarrhea, sepsis, or fungal infections benefited from lactoferrin’s ability to build their intestines when added to their goat or hemp milk. Many tests have demonstrated Lactoferrin has a protective effect with states of endotoxemia, bacteremia, and necrotic enteritis in newborns with inflammatory colitis.
It is inspiring to read how it positively affect babies, but the elderly have shown to benefit when given a dose of Lactoferrin twice daily while experiencing systemic diseases, including metabolic disorders, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, mitochondrial dysfunction, and respiratory diseases as well as rheumatoid arthritis, cancers, and dementia. This revolutionary supplement appears to provide a gentle and nontoxic solution to prevent and cure difficult and chronic diseases.
I know that humanity has become allergic to foods because of genetic modification, pesticides and aerosoled particulates, but it might be possible that this simple glyco-protein can override the negative effects of these deadly poisons and reverse illnesses. The Lactofeerin I chose was sourced from cows and the cheapest I could find.  Best Naturals ‘Lactoferrin’: https://shopbestnaturals.com/products/best-naturals-lactoferrin-250-mg-60-veg-capsules

Believe me, I will continue to look for a certified organic goat or human Lactoferrin source which would be more compatible for most blood types and let everyone know when I find them. In the meantime, I will stay optimistic and continue to research the properties of Lactoferrin to find out how it helps all of us become healthy and create healing miracles within our bodies.
I hope this information inspires everyone to nurture and care for their bodies. Please feel free to share this with your friends that may benefit from this information.
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May we forever walk in harmony with Mother Nature,
Reverend Wanda
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