Reverend Wanda has written a captivating book, “Journey to Creation” were you embark on a spiritual adventure that reveals what is beyond our universe and the secrets of Creation. She tells us about her life as a revolutionary therapist where she inspires people to take a quantum leap by reconnecting them to their Soul and Creation.

These fascinating chapters begin with a true story of three nights where she stepped out of her physical body into a loving light to be taken off this earth and into deep space. Here she traversed past many star systems to the end of the universe and beyond to discover a field of universes orbiting within a massive black pool called the void. She ascended beyond the edge of the void and entered into the infinite, loving light of Creation to be shown how the cosmos was created and how everyone in every universe participated in the original act of Creation. Then she was given her soul’s purpose and instructed to return to fulfill it.

At the end of her book we are allowed to step inside her office to share her client’s experiences in graphic detail where they reconnected with their Soul and Creation. Then they returned to their homes to fulfill their Soul’s calling.

In the last chapter we are given a powerful meditation to go to the infinite source of Creation to awaken our Soul’s true potential and manifest it in our lives.

This book unravels the mystery of our origin and how to access the benevolent power of Creation retained in the memory of every person’s heart, body, mind and spirit thus inspiring everyone who reads it to take the journey to become creators and fulfill their destinies.  Her book is available through Amazon in Kindle Edition or in Paperback

Wanda is currently writing her next book which gives us all the techniques she uses to open up the intuition and perceive the anatomy and its energy fields. The book is called, “Human MRI” and it is subtitled “Human Medical Revolutionary Intelligence-The Awakening the Super Human Consciousness”.