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This is your time to honor your gifts and become a multi-sensory being. As you explore this course, you will discover how to shift your awareness from your physical awareness to your Soul’s wisdom. With these simple techniques, you will develop unlimited abilities to perceive the force that lies deep within the molecules of your physical body, its Chakras and Auric fields.

When you merge your physical hands with your Soul’s hands, your insights and sensitivities will increase seven-fold. The feelings within the sensory perceptions of your Soul’s hands will reveal an undeniable intelligence that is linked directly to your intuition.

The ability of your hands to perceive images is more powerful when you combine it with your vision. As you shift your perception from your physical eyes to your Soul’s eyes, you will start to see that everything is filled with moving molecules of energy. Your world becomes alive with distinctive colors, images, visions and revelations.

Once you decide to open your second sight with your sixth sense to to perceive the inner depths of your being, you combine the observer with your nonphysical eyes, the feeler with your nonphysical hands and the voice of inner knowledge with your nonphysical ears. Then you slowly shift your focus from what you see, feel and hear with your physical ears to the telepathic resonance of your Soul’s eyes, hands and ears to distinguish a wider range of vibrations and frequencies. You are able to perceive deep within the cells of the human body as well as the sounds of the universes. Most importantly, you are able to perceive the sounds of Creation.

As you journey through this course and allow your Soul’s wisdom to express itself through your physical body, take note what it is like for you to feel yourself expanding into an unlimited being. Be conscious of what it is like for you to develop your mystic abilities to perceive with all your senses in all dimensions. Even though, at times you may feel you have total amnesia of your Soul’s gifts, don’t despair because your Soul is hidden in plain sight. It emanates through the light in your eyes, the sound of your voice and the warmth of your body. It is the powerful force that moves inside of you. It is the part of you that knows you are special and that you came here to do something very important to fulfill the true meaning of your life. Take time every day to look into the mirror and validate the spark in your eyes, listen to that special tone in your voice that expresses your truth and feel the energy of your body that moves it to express your Soul’s true destiny.

As you go through this course, page by page and practice the techniques to shift from a normal awareness to a higher consciousness, relax and give yourself time to raise your consciousness to a higher frequency. All of this enables you to become an intuitive to perceive much deeper into the magical, mystical realities of your body, its energy field as well as your world and the multiple universes around you.

Join me now in the amazing development of your super human metaphysical revolutionary intelligence.