In most sessions, I will be looking at your energy anatomy, chakras, auric fields to perceive your physical anatomy and the functions of the organs, glands, nerves, bones, muscles, and ligaments. Sometimes, your body will reveal hidden memories from before birth, childhood, adult life, past lives, or future lives to reveal clues to your unmet needs or deep longings. I love looking at your palms, astrology-numerology charts, Human Design, Destiny Card Reports seeing how you function as well as your future. I also use your Astro-Map lines on the world to see what places are best for health, love, and healing. Upon request, I can scan your family member’s health and life too. I love looking at your Souls Purpose and Destiny in this lifetime.

In order to book your session, I will need your birth date, birth city, birth country and blood type for accuracy.

I charge $200 per hour and take cash, all credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and Bitcoin.

I look forward to having a session with you soon….



In the early morning hours of the summer of 1982, I was taken up past all the planets, through thousands of galaxies, and out of this Universe. Then I went into the black void which propelled me into a vast ocean of infinite light which was the Source of all Creation. Then, I experienced a knowing that conveyed to me that we are this light, love, wisdom, and power and have the ability to create everything on this earth. We chose to experience the deepest, densest earth and participate in everything we created. The ‘Voice of Creation’ poured into my being instructing me to take others into the body’s Soul and reconnect them to the source of Creation.

After years of doing this for others, I have discovered that each person chose a different doorway to their Soul. Some used their hearts and others used blocks, core wounds, abuse, traumatic memories, and past lives as portals to re-bond with who they really are and always have been.

Many have taken this journey to fulfill their Soul’s purpose in this life. When you hear the call of your Soul, listen, it may change your life.

Approximate Session Time: 2 hours


After you read my book, ‘Journey to Creation’, it will inspire you to take a journey back to the infinite ocean of Creation. This is done in the form of a guided visualization through the doorway of your heart. Then you are guided out of your body and out into this universe. When you come to the end of this universe you will slide out into the deep Void. Then you will be guided through the field of Universes and beyond into the light of Creation. As you merge into Creation, you are given time to reconnect with its magnificent force of power, its infinite wisdom and loving light. Then you are brought back as a portal for this never-ending source of Creation to express it into your life and live as the expression of light, love, power, and wisdom.

Approximate Session Time: 2 hours



Since the 1980s, I have read the energy and physical anatomy of thousands of clients from all over the world. I use a non-invasive technique whereby I sink my Soul’s hands inside the body and follow them with my Soul’s vision. As my hands move slowly through the organs, glands, muscles, bones, and blood, I open my Soul’s Ears to feel, see, and hear their functions on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. Then a general description is given of your internal physical and energy anatomy with your questions and open dialog welcome.

Approximate Session Time: 1 hour.

(Note: The purposes of this Medical Intuitive Reading are scientific, and they are meant to educate, not treat, or diagnose illness.)


With my Souls’ Eyes, I perceive the colors that come into your chakras and flow into your auric field. I give you a full description of the colors in the chakras describing how the vortexes within the chakras are taking in energy. Then I move into your aura surrounding your body and describe its colors and functions. A synopsis is given to you of how these colors inter-relate with your physical body and affect your health, emotions, thoughts, and spirituality.

Approximate session time: 1 hour


The past and the future are your Soul’s memory. By taking you into your memory, be it through hypnotherapy, a body symptom or your Soul’s Light Beam, your conscious awareness is transported into the unconscious to access a movie screen that plays out your experiences. The past may be experienced by moving slowly back into the past life that you are ready to experience to gather data about who you were and what you did. Then you will return and move gently forward into your future seeing what you experience 1 to 5 years from your present time.

When your journey is complete, you are brought back with a deeper understanding of the effect of your past life in your life now or the ability to understand your future and you will choose to accept it or change to the life you desire to live.

Approximate session time: 1 to 2 hours


In 1983, I was taught to read the regular playing cards by a third-generation gypsy woman who shared with me the ancient secrets hidden in the cards and how to decipher them. Since then, I researched and studied with many scholars to develop an incredible accuracy in laying out the cards and developed an intuitive passion for deciphering their encoded messages.

I invite you to experience the accuracy of these powerful card readings to unlock the secrets of your life’s purpose, relationships, money, future, business decisions, and health.

Approximate session time: 1 hour


These sessions are individually created to assist you in moving through any aspect of your life such as blocks, wounds, or illnesses using healing and transforming techniques to release the aspects of your life that no longer serve you.

This process can be a profound spiritual healing experience on all levels.

Sessions may include personal dialog, creative visualization and energetic, emotional, release techniques that open your heart more fully to experience your Divine Nature and your True Self.

Approximate session time: 1 to 2 hours



‘Six years ago, I came to see you with a phantom pain in my left arm that radiated into my chest. Previous MRIs and Ultrasound showed nothing. You guided me on an incredible journey into the pain, then into a past life on another planet where I rediscover my real destiny in this lifetime. Now I am designing buildings with advanced technologies that clean up the air and use alternative energy. You changed my life and showed me the way.

PS: The pain is completely gone!’

G. W. in Germany

‘When I came to see you in 2002, I was suffering from fibromyalgia. With your guidance, I went into the source of my pain to access how I store my abuse history in my nerves. I knew what I needed to heal it and I have done that. Six months later my doctor says the symptoms are almost gone. I have my life back. Thank you with all my heart.’

N.G. from Idaho

‘You read me with X-Ray vision and your accuracy and clarity was phenomenal. Thank you for helping me to uncover the core of my fatigue and understand how to heal it emotionally and spiritually. I am back in the office rebuilding my veterinary practice but taking time to love myself too!’

E.H. from Florida

‘You took me to the bottom of my depression, and I connected to the source of its inception. I lifted it out and replaced it with love. It is truly healed. Thank you so much.’

J.K. from Australia

‘Last year I was trying to get pregnant and you saw the blockage in my right ovary which did not allow the eggs to move easily toward the uterus or be fertilized. I went to my doctor and she treated it right away. Now, I am expecting a baby girl. This is a dream come true!’

K.M. from California

‘Two years ago, I called you for a phone psychic reading and then came to Sedona for my Medical Intuitive Personal Training Program. Now, I am excited to say that I have just opened my healing salon in Tokyo. You changed my life and helped me to fulfill my dreams. Thank you with all my heart.’

Mari from Japan